Fulfillment Policy

1. Introduction

At Enabl Ecom, we are committed to delivering high-quality services to our clients in the realm of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Content Creation. Our fulfillment policy outlines our commitment to meeting client expectations and ensuring satisfaction with our services.

2. Service Offerings

Our agency specializes in the following services:

  • Facebook Ads Management: Strategic planning, ad creation, audience targeting, monitoring, and optimization of Facebook advertising campaigns to maximize client objectives.
  • Google Ads Management: Development, implementation, and optimization of Google Ads campaigns across various platforms such as Search, Display, Video and more to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Content Creation: Creation of engaging, relevant, and impactful content including graphics, UGC videos and basic video edits to assist with client objectives.

3. Client Communication

Communication is vital to the success of any project. We maintain open and transparent communication channels with our clients throughout the duration of the project. This includes regular progress updates, performance reports, and addressing any queries or concerns promptly.

4. Service Delivery Timeline

Upon initiation of a project, we provide clients with an estimated timeline for service delivery. This timeline is based on the scope of work, complexity of the project, and client requirements. We strive to adhere to these timelines and keep clients informed of any changes or delays that may occur.

5. Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering services of the highest quality to our clients. We follow industry best practices and stays updated with the latest trends and technologies to ensure optimal performance of campaigns and content. We conduct thorough quality checks at each stage of the project to maintain consistency and accuracy.

6. Client Feedback and Revisions

Client satisfaction is our priority. We welcome and encourage feedback from our clients throughout the project lifecycle. If revisions or modifications are required, we make every effort to accommodate client requests in a timely manner, ensuring that the final deliverables meet their expectations.

7. Performance Monitoring and Optimization

We continuously monitor the performance of campaigns and content to assess their effectiveness in achieving client objectives. Through data analysis and performance tracking, we identify areas for improvement and optimization to enhance results and maximize ROI for our clients.

8. Refund Policy

In the event that a client is unsatisfied with our services and has provided reasonable feedback for revision but is still dissatisfied, Enabl Ecom offers a refund under the following conditions:

  • Refunds are only applicable to services that have not been delivered as per the agreed-upon scope of work.
  • Costs relating to content creation have not been incurred prior to the refund request.
  • Clients must submit a written request for a refund, outlining the reasons for their dissatisfaction and providing evidence to support their claim within 14 days of the service delivery date.
  • Refund requests will be reviewed by our management team, and a decision will be made based on the merits of the case.
  • If a refund is approved, Enabl Ecom will issue a refund within 30 days via the original payment method used for the transaction.

9. Confidentiality and Data Security

We take the security and confidentiality of client information seriously. All client data and information shared with us are treated with the utmost confidentiality and stored securely. We adhere to strict data protection regulations and implement robust security measures to safeguard client data against unauthorized access or misuse.

10. Conclusion

At Enabl Ecom, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional services that drive results for our clients. Our fulfillment policy, including our refund policy, reflects our commitment to professionalism, quality, and client satisfaction. We strive to exceed client expectations and build long-lasting partnerships based on trust and mutual success.

For any questions or concerns regarding our fulfillment policy or refund policy, please contact us at chur@enabl-ecom.com