Meet Chur Lim

Chur started his very first Ecommerce brand in 2018 selling pet food. It was this first exposure that accelerated his journey in this space, which led to him growing multiple dropshipping stores and working at a rapidly growing content agency.

During this period as an Account Manager, he managed ad content creation for over 100 different Ecommerce brands. This provided him with a birds eye view knowledge on the industry all whilst managing paid advertising for over 40 brands.

Today he offers all of his knowledge as a complimentary service for the brands he manages ads for making him an invaluable brand partner rather than just a marketing partner.

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Our commitment

We refuse to outsource our skills and expertise for the sake of profit.

We're not 9-5 workers. As if it were our own brand, we're here for you whenever you need us.

We work on your ads. No interns or staff to leverage our expertise and work.

We reinvest into your brand, whether it be providing creatives or any other important advice.

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